Changyou held the 2019 staff travle and outward bound

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On August 10, 2019, Baoji Changyou Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. organized anual staff travel and outard bound.
This time, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is selected as the site. The design route is: all the members visit the scenic spot and take the scenic spot tour bus to Xiaban Temple, then climb to the "Tian Yuan Di Fang" scenic spot (3511 meters above sea level) on foot. After that, return by the original road and methord, and finally at the root of the mountain "Tang Yu Kou" village to have dinner and enjoy the "Eye of the Taibai" music fountain. It is estimated that the total hiking distance in the scenic area is 15 kilometers.
At 12:00am, all the staff arrive at the starting point of Xiaban Temple. After lunch and rest, the activity begins: hiking and climbing. The climbing process is physically tiring and the persistence of the belief to reach the top. The mountaineers encouraged each other in groups of two or three, quickly or slowly, and finally reached the scheduled peak site around 16:00 to enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains. Around 19:00pm, all the staff gather at the restaurant at the foot of the mountain. At the same time, exchange the hard climbing process and climbing experience. After enjoying the beautiful fountain. At about 22:00pm, all the staff returned home safely one by one. The activity ended successfully.

As a professional downhole formation test tools and completion tools manufacturer in China, Baoji Chanyou produce drill stem test tools including safety valves/joints, tester valves(LPRN and Select tester valve), RTTS/Champ packers, SSV, SSSV, SSTT and so on for conventional and slim holes. Changyou focus on tools'quality and contributions to clients, meanwhile, also focus on body health and healthy mood of all employees. By such activities, we hope to improve the team building level, and hope that all members can work and live healthily。

1. Mountaineering can comprehensively train one's physique, cultivate one's courage and bear hardships and stand hard work. It can relax people's psychological pressure, regulate human tension, improve physical and psychological state, and make people energetic into study and work. Mountaineering is also a test of willpower, training people's unity, cooperation and collective spirit.

2. Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is located in Baoji, Shaanxi province, at the northern foot of Qinling mountains which covers in three counties: mei county, Taibai county and Zhouzhi county. It is the main peak of China's famous Qinling mountains and the first peak in the eastern part of mainland China, with an altitude of 3771.2 meters. The Qinling mountains are a natural barrier between the north and the south of China, as well as the watershed of the Yangtze and yellow rivers. As the main peak of the Qinling mountains, Taibai mountain is more unique in its physical and geographical conditions. With its majestic momentum towering into the clouds and fast-changing climate, Taibai mountain has given people a mysterious color since ancient times, which is more desired by Chinese and foreign scientists and scholars.