Baoji Changyou Petroleum Equipment successfully concluded participations in the exhibitions in 2023

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In 2023, Baoji Changyou Petroleum participated in four domestic and international exhibitions: Neftegaz Exhibition in Moscow, CIPPE Exhibition in Beijing, CDYPE Exhibition in Dongying, ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi.

On Neftegaz:

Through the exhibitions, Changyou showcases its flagship products and the latest technological achievements, engaging in face-to-face communication and cooperation with visitors, potential customers, and partners, laying a solid foundation for future business expansion.


At the same time, Changyou has gained a deep understanding of the current status and development trends of the oilfield equipment market. Technical exchanges with peers have also helped us expand our horizons and provided valuable ideas for future research and marketing.


Showcasing our own strength, embracing the market, and approaching users, Changyou will make unremitting efforts in this way