PSH and Damavand visited Changyou for drill stem test(DST) tools

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25th-28th,Sep,2018, PSH and Damavand visted Changyou. Mr Azimi,BD of PSH and Mr Liu,GM of Damavand came to Baoji at 24th Sep and had meetings with management of Changyou.
The meeting focused on business and manufacturing of Changyou's main products:full bore/Ful-flu/full open typed drill stem test(DST) tools.

Mr Liu(GM) said:"from years'experience of dealing with Changyou,I am very confident and proud of the quality of Changyou tools and very appreciate Changyou's service. Once a client got questions about the DST tester valve-LPRN valve urgently, it was night in China and I called Mr Shi(GM of Changyou). Then about 1 hour later,Mr Shi sent me a excellent and professional reponse which is specified to the client's question with datas and drawings. Client felt satisfied and thanked me very much. This is a small case of Changyou'efficience and spirit. I like it too much".

"Changyou tools performed very well through wells runing and helped us much with great jobs in Iran, we like to go on with them" said Mr.Azimi(BD of PSH)

Mr Zhao(Vice manager of Changyou) gave the presentation and leaded visitors to workshop for investigations and explained the job which was just being done at assembly workshop. That was DST tester valve-select tester valve(STV). This valve could be kept/hold open for through tubing jobs and with 15K WP, 400F, and H2S service. Damavand showed interests to the STV and confirmed that would advise it to clients.

All sides felt happy to this visit and meetings and agreed to enhance the relationship and broden more market.