COSL-EXPRO visited Changyou

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23th to 25th Oct 2018, COSL-EXPRO visited Changyou. The group of COSL-EXPRO includes dept of managment, technial, purchase etc.

Since 2016, COSL-EXPRO and Changyou built firm businessship and the two units grows together. Changyou fullfilled serveral R&D(reach&design) tools and customized tools and service to COSL-EXPERO and tools perfermed excellent, such as HPHT packers.

As a professional offshore oilfield service supplier, COSL-EXPRO markets bigger, meanwhile more strict and diffcult requirements are needed from both the client and himself. Thus, tools with advanced technology and reliability are the key points. Changyou got the trend and technical requirements and his engineers worked hard and tried best. Finally both sides gained a good result.

When visit in workshop of Changyou, COSL-EXPRO paid special attention to the ordered packer and Mr.Shi(GM of Changyou) introduced the design, processing and test very detailed to visitors. Besides, COSL-EXPRO watched Changyou stock where conventional drill stem test tools(DST tools) with full bore(full open/ful flu) features such as slip joint, drain valve, circulating valve, hydraulic jar, OMNI valve, tester valve(LPRN&STV),safety joints, Champ packers, absorbers and so on. They spoke highly of these products and thanked the perfermance of those tools which they used succesfully for jobs.

During the discussion in meeting, both COSL-EXPRO and Changyou confirmed each other's efferts and jobs. Moreover, they agreeed on pionts about the under conducting tools and programs which helped them to proceed and quicken the steps. Both sides are confident on the coming tools and wished best for future coorperation.