Changyou Held Regular Firefighting Training

[ Time:2018-12-30 | Hits:704 ]

Deep winter comes in the north China, the air is dry, vegetation withers, the use of electrical appliances increases sharply, in order to effectively eliminate fire hazards. On December 28, Changyou held the regular fire safety knowledge training, invited instructor from Baoji firefighting station to teach. Vice general manager Jing presided over the meeting.

At the training meeting, through the real fire cases in passed year, the instructor explained fire safety knowledge, fire equipment operation and other knowledge to everyone in details including the characteristics and danger of fire, fire emergency plan and treatment process, fire escape skills and matters needing attention, etc. At the same time, combined with daily life, the basic firefighting knowledge, family fire extinguishing method. Use of fire extinguishing equipment and the key points of self-rescue and escape are explained.

At the site, everyone carried out the use of fire extinguishing.

Changyou insists on HSE rules and holds various training regularly. Through this training, once again participants received profound knowledge of fire safety education, mastered the key points of fire escape, and improved the ability of fire safety emergency treatment.