Managed Pressure Drilling(MPD) Corperations

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Changyou and partner developed MPD package which has served several jobs successfully at oilfield site.


Brief intros:

On land and in some shallow water environments, a comfortable drilling window often exists between the pore-pressure and fracture-pressure gradient profiles, through which the hole can be drilled safely and efficiently, Fig.2. From an offshore prospective, MPD was and still is driven by the very narrow margins between formation pore pressure and formation fracture pressure downhole. Narrow margins are most pronounced in deepwater drilling, where much of the overburden is seawater, Fig.3. In such cases, it is standard practice to set nu-merous casing strings at shallow depths to avoid extensive lost circulation.

The collapse, pore-pressure, frac-ture-pressure and overburden pro-files often change in more mature fields because of production and depletion.The drilling window that was once generous becomes nar-rower, making it more challenging to “drill within the lines” without losing circulation or inviting influx.Unlike underbalanced drilling, MPD does not actively encourage influx into the wellbore. The pri-mary objectives of MPD are to miti-gate drilling hazards and increase operational drilling efficiencies by diminishing NPT. The operational drilling problems most associated with NPT include:
• Lost circulation
• Stuck pipe
• Wellbore instability
• Well-control incidents.
These four categories accounted for25–33% of all Gulf of Mexico NPT, pri-or to Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina and Rita.
The Underbalanced Operations and Managed Pressure Drilling Committee of the International Association of Drill-ing Contractors has defined MPD as “an adaptive drilling process used to pre-cisely control the annular pressure profile throughout the wellbore. The objectives are to ascertain the downhole pressure en-vironment limits and to manage the annu-lar hydraulic pressure profile accordingly.”

Precisely Managed Pressure Drilling(MPD) system mainly consists of choke manifold control system, back pressure compensation system, remote monitoring system and software system, etc.(Implementing standards and norms:API Spec 6A, API Spec 16C, API Spec 16RCD). The system is featured by the integration of pressure monitoring and micro-flow monitoring functions. Through the automatic control software under independent research and development, it enables precise control of bottom hole pressure and achieve delicate managed pressure drilling.

Product Functions:

Various control modes, and adapts to the needs of different drilling technologies;

Meets the needs of drilling technology of low density window, and achieves precise control of well pressure;
Intelligent identification and automatic control functions, and can optimize the selection of calculation model which combined with well logging data on site;
Intelligent error diagnosis and manual intervention reminding, which increases safety and reliability of drilling and production.

Performance Features:

Proportional control technology and has precise control of system pressure;
Featured by closed loop monitoring with annulus pressure, multiple strategies, and self-adaption;
The control system uses redundant industrial Ethernet with 100M high-speed data transmission rate;
Without adjusting the drilling fluid density, it can quickly respond to changes in reservoir pressure, protect the reservoir, and reduce the damage;

By reducing drilling pressure, improving drilling speed and reducing number of casing layers, it can reduce drilling costs.

More applicable:

To minimizing nonproductive time (NPT) risks
Associated with conventional drilling technologies.
Does not invite influx but is equipped to contain any that might be incidental to the operation.
Does use underbalanced equipment to more precisely manage the pressure profile throughout the wellbore.

MPD can be used in conventional oil and gas applications, although it also has unique applications to coal bed methane, geothermal resources and drilling for commercial quantities of methane hydrates.

именно под давлением бурения/Managed Pressure Drilling(пдс/MPD) система состоит из у коллектора системы контроля, противодавление компенсационной системы, системы дистанционного мониторинга и системы программного обеспечения, и т.д. (осуществление стандартов и норм: API spec 6а, API spec - 16, API Spec 16rcd).система отличается интеграции контроля давления и микро - поток контрольных функций.с помощью автоматического контроля программное обеспечение независимых исследований и развития, оно дает точный контроль забойное давление и добиться хрупкого под давление бурения.

(MPD)forage précisément réussi de pression système collecteur se compose essentiellement de système de contrôle de pression -, système de compensation, système de surveillance à distance et de logiciel, etc. (application des règles et normes: api spec 6a, api spec 16c, api spec 16rcd).le système est caractérisé par l'intégration des fonctions de surveillance et de contrôle de pression micro flux.logiciels de contrôle automatique grâce à la recherche et au développement indépendant, il permet un contrôle précis de la pression de fond et atteindre délicate forage géré la pression.

Precisamente logró perforar (MPD) presión sistema consiste principalmente de choke Manifold sistema de control, presión trasera sistema de compensación, sistema de monitoreo remoto y sistema de software, etc. (la aplicación de las reglas y normas: API Spec 6a, API SPEC 16C, API Spec 16rcd).El sistema se caracteriza por la integración de las funciones de supervisión y de control de la presión de flujo de micro.Mediante el software de control automático en la investigación independiente y el desarrollo, que permite un control preciso de la presion de fondo de pozo de perforación y lograr la delicada presión gestionados.

الدقة في إدارة الحفر تحت الضغط MPD ويتألف النظام أساسا من نظم التحكم في تحويل مجرى المياه، ونظم تعويض الظهر، ونظم المراقبة عن بعد، ونظم البرمجيات (معايير وقواعد التنفيذ: API Spec 6A، API Spec 16C، API Spec 16RCD) ويدمج النظام وظائف رصد الإجهاد ورصد الدفق المتناهي الصغر .وتحقق التحكم الدقيق في ضغط قاع البئر من خلال برامجيات التحكم الآلية التي طورت بصورة مستقلة، وحفرت آبار دقيقة لإدارة الإجهاد.