Changyou exhibited on the NEFTAGAZ 2019

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15th to 18th April 2019, Changyou exhibited on the Neftagaz in Moscow.

Changyou exhibited main products: anulus pressre controled drill stem test(DST) tools, full bore/full opening type.


Joints: 1. Slip Joint: to be used to compensate the strech and shrink of tubing string by temperature.

2. Safety Joint: to be used to release tubing string from the tension sleeve section when string get stuck below the joint.

Tester Valve: 1. Select Tester Valve(STV), with locked open position and standard position by anulus pressure control. When at locked open position, the tubing can be held open and allow slickline, wireline and coiled tubing jobs.

2. LPRN Valve, with stand position only, a conventional downhole tester valve which can be repeated operated to open and close the well.

Safety Valve: Super Safety Valve(SSV) and Subsurface Safety Valve(SSSV).

Packers and Bridge Plugs: RTTS packer, Champ packer, Pin Point Packer, Sraddle Packer, Hydraulic Packer, Retrievable Bridge Plug, Easy Drillable Bridge Plug, Completion and Production packers(together with Y tool, sleeve and pump).

All the tools meet standards:NACE MR0175&ISO15156; WP:10K/15K; WT:400℉; H2S service.

Thanks all who facilitated us and shared time to visit our booth and got discussion. Wish all clients and friends a successfull business in future.